The global COVID-19 crisis has affected many organizations and individuals. To support Malaysian SMEs and encourage employment, the government has initiated the National Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA) to help reduce the unemployment rate in Malaysia as well as to assist companies that are recovering post-COVID-19 to restructure, reorganize, and regrow their companies.

Through PENJANA, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) has introduced the Workforce Mobility Program called My Future Agro. Bioeconomy Corporation, as one of the agencies under MAFI, has been selected to carry out this initiative through BioKerjaya @ My Future Agro Program.


A hiring incentive scheme under PENJANA for companies to train (on the job training) and encourage the workforce to venture into biotechnology, bio-based, agriculture or agrofood industry. It aims to promote job creation among employers while increasing employment prospects for the unemployed, graduates, school leavers, and retrenched workers as apprentices.
This program targets the categories below:
  1. BioKerjaya @ My Future Agro Program gives a training program which includes the soft skill, technical and “On Job Training” at the hiring company.
  2. There are two (2) categories:
    • Incentive for individuals aged 40 years old and below
    • Incentive for individuals aged above 40 years old including the OKU
  3. One – off mobility assistance to cover the costs of moving for the hired employee(s) to join companies that are located far from where they live:
    • For individuals who have to move > 100km from where they live; and
    • For individuals who have to move cross peninsular (i.e. from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah/Sarawak or vice versa)

Category: Employer/Company

  • The Company must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM – Companies Commission of Malaysia) SSM/Registration Department Malaysian Organization (ROS)/Business Registration (ROB)/Party Local Authority (PBT) or other organizations before 10 August 2020; and
  • The business or business affairs of the company should be related to the fields
    of biotechnology, bio-based, agriculture or agrofood industry.

Category: Apprentice/Jobseeker/Individual

  • Open to all school leavers, unemployed graduates, and those who were laid off.
  • Aged between 18 to 55 years.
  • Interested in venturing into biotechnology, bio-based, agriculture or agrofood industry.
  • Academic qualification is not required.0

Category: Employer/ Company

  • Private Employment Agencies or Outsourcing Companies/ Contractor for Service) who supplies manpower to other companies/enterprises; and
  • Companies that conduct training, offers training programmes or act as a training centre itself.
  • Companies that hire new apprentices/ employees whom are their former employees
  • Companies that hire new apprentices/ employees whom are of their own family or relatives

Category: Apprentice/ Jobseeker/ Individual

  • Public sector employees, federal and state statutory bodies, Local Authorities (PBT) and those who are self-employed (that have no company registered).
  • Individuals who are currently employed or have been enrolled in a similar program under PENJANA are not eligible to apply for this program.


1. What are the eligibility requirements for hiring employees under this program?

DetailsBioKerjaya @ My Future Agro
40 years old & belowAbove 40 years oldOKU
Salary Incentive

RM 800

Monthly payment for up to 6 months

RM 1000

Monthly payment for up to 6 months

RM 1000

Monthly payment for up to 6 months

Eligibility Criteria
  • Local jobseeker aged 40 years old & below to be hired as an apprentice.
  • School leaver, unemployed graduate or retrenched worker to be hired as an apprentice.
  • Local jobseeker aged above 40 years old to be hired as an apprentice.
  • Local jobseeker whom are disabled to be hired as an apprentice.
Additional Criteria
  • The hiring companies must register at the Biokerjaya portal on
  • Companies must hire an apprentice for at least 1 to 6 months.
  • Companies cannot replace existing apprentices with substitutes throughout the period of this program.
  • Companies are not bound to offer jobs to apprentice after the expiration of the program duration.
  • Local apprentices are restricted to 55 years old.
Effective DateApprentices hired on or after 1 July 2020 will be eligible to receive all of the incentives mentioned (upon approval).
Application Closing Date Final date for application is 31 December 2021.

2. What is the process of application for the incentives stated above?

  • Companies need to register on the Biokerjaya portal to enrol in this program and obtain the incentives offered;
  • Effective 10 August 2020, any interested Company can register its profile on the Biokerjaya portal. From 12 August 2020, the Company can apply for the incentives offered through this program; and
  • Apprentices need to register as jobseekers on the Biokerjaya portal to participate in this program.
  • Please refer to the process flow for the step-by-step process of registration and approval.

3. What are the required documents to apply for this program?

Verification of documents required are: Category: Employer/ Company
  • Job role profile should be given to the hired apprentice throughout the period of the program;
  • Company’s bank account information (copy of the front page of the Bank Statement / front page of bank book with company name, account number and bank name);
  • Information of the company’s business registration number (Business Registration Number- BRN)
Category: Apprentice/ Jobseeker/ Individual  
  • Resume / CV

4. What is meant by Business Registration Number information (BRN) that needs to be obtained from the bank?

  • BRN is the company’s business registration number registered by the company when opening its bank account.
  • Companies should contact their respective banks to ensure that the BRN provided is correct and accurate.
  • The Company’s Bank and BRN Account information above is required for the purpose of direct payment to the company’s account via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

5. How will the incentive payment be processed?

  • Incentive payment will be made monthly to the hiring company i.e. on the 29th and after the performance report is submitted to Bioeconomy Corporation; to be submitted by the 22nd of every month.
  • One-off mobility assistance will be paid to apprentices through the hiring company – where in turn, this amount must be paid to the eligible apprentice within 14 days from the date of payment received by the Company.

6. Will the hiring company receive the incentives if the apprentice is not present or has stopped working?

  • The incentive will NOT be paid to the company should the apprentice is no longer working for the company.

7. Must the company make application for the incentive every month?

  • No. The company only needs to fill in the information required (i.e. BRN information) once and inform the number of apprentices hired for this program. However, a monthly performance report must be submitted by the 22nd of every month throughout the period of this program.
  • Should the apprentice be terminated or has resigned, the company is required to inform Bioeconomy Corporation at least 3 days from the date of termination/ resignation.

8. What action should be taken by the apprentice against the employer/ hiring company should the hiring company (that receives the incentive) does not make monthly salary payment or make salary cut to the apprentice?

  • Apprentice may make a formal complaint to Bioeconomy Corporation directly.


What are the conditions for Mobility Assistance?

  1. The incentive covers the cost of moving for the hired apprentice to join companies that are located far from where they live. The apprentice is eligible to claim for RM600 from the hiring company should they have to move >100km away (one way);
  2. An apprentice is eligible to claim for RM1,000 should he/she has to move cross peninsular i.e. from Sabah/ Sarawak to Peninsular Malaysia or vice versa;
  3. Mobility Assistance will be paid to the hired apprentice/ employee through the company as a one-off basis;
  4. Apprentices are eligible to receive Mobility Assistance only once throughout the duration of the program.
For any further inquiries, please contact: If you are an EMPLOYER/ COMPANY, please contact:
  • Fadzrin – 03 2116 5595 (
  • Christabel – 03 2116 5586 (
  • Jenny – 03 2116 6428 (
If you are a potential APPRENTICE/ EMPLOYEE/ CANDIDATE, please contact:
  • Shakina – 03 2116 5504 (
  • Linda – 03 2116 5484 (
You may also email us at  or SMS/WhatsApp us at our general line: 019-2009367